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September 7th, after the coordination of the relevant departments of the relevant departments of the city of Xining City, Xining City Road 71 primary school students to move to a temporary relocation of primary school road.

at the beginning of August, Xining City 71 Road Primary School found in the security check, there is a slight crack, the teaching building of the wall at the end of August, 71 road primary school teaching building crack is more and more big, including the principal room, some doors are not shut up. After examination found that the teaching building bearing wall cracks widened phenomenon, accompanied by sinking, new cracks and other issues. Xining City, the provincial Party committee, the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Jianjun instructed the city of Xining, the relevant departments in the city as soon as possible to come up with solutions to solve the problem of student placement. After the City District Education Bureau after co-ordination, formulated the "71 road primary school teaching building was suspended in the first grade primary school freshman class in the 71 Road, second floor, two to the sixth grade temporarily to the particular scheme for learning" labor Road Primary school.

in order to facilitate the students to school, 71 Road Primary School and Xining public transport company coordination, the bus company arranged by the bus every day shuttle students. The temporary move to the labor Road Primary School, a total of 972 students, teachers, 46 people. In order to ensure the safety of children, every students to and from school, will take the class as the unit unified team, in the school uniform ride, each car is equipped with three teachers, will lead the children to complete the morning in the car.

at the same time, the district education and other departments have invited the provincial, Xining city housing safety appraisal department of experts to identify the reasons as soon as possible, and put forward specific measures to deal with.


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