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Round mountain view flower bed let different flowers menyuan! When blue meets the yellow, what kind of view will it be? Stand in the round table Menyuan mountain view, you will see the blue sky and white cloud and the Qilian mountains, Sichuan full of rape shining gold, into the sky. Here is the most beautiful flowers — Chinese Menyuan hundreds of rape flowers.

Menyuan hundreds of rape flowers is the world’s top ten beautiful flowers, is the national AAAA level scenic spots, planting area of 60 acres. The summer season, Menyuan hundreds of paved golden flowers to P.Tricuspidata, countless tourists with golden fantasy and shock of the soul. As in the best viewing rape flowers — Taiwan round mountain view, in order to give visitors the best viewing platform and enjoy flowers opportunity, Qinghai Huahai tourism development company to re create the round mountain view flower bed area. The scenic spot down the road laying corrosion resistant elastic wooden plank, and on the top of the mountain for tourists to watch rape luxury green size wooden platform, the scenery Sightseeing Leisure coffee corridor, thrilling strop Road, elegant flight gliding, antique style or modern style sightseeing train etc..

into the round mountain view flower bed area, visitors can take a sightseeing train across the sea, enjoy the scenery boundless rape; like walking, can walk in the mountains on the boardwalk, close to smell the fragrance of the reluctant gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind; so quickly left the scene, visitors can also sit on the wooden platform coffee or leisure and sightseeing corridor, let the impetuous heart to accept the baptism of natural beauty…… Into the circle mountain view flower bed area, visitors will also see people with 100 flowers in Menyuan to create a unique landscape – "love you ten thousand years earth art word. Only standing on the mountain flower round table, to see the world’s largest earth art word, let the most beautiful flowers to people’s blessing.

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