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is there a market for a West Point store? What kind of West Point shop is better? Puff shop? Want to know these things to come with Xiaobian to learn about it!

(puff), puff is a Western dessert originating from Italy. A light hole cream wrapper wrapped butter, chocolate and ice cream. The legend of puff was born in sixteenth Century, the French queen Catherine · de Medici invented ·. To eat the hot cold, crisp outside and smooth, excellent taste. In the production of Hamid Haddon puff, first water, butter, flour and egg bread, and butter, chocolate or ice cream by injection into the bread. In Hanmihadun puff, you can sprinkle a layer of sugar, but also can put dry nuts, chocolate sauce, coconut etc.. That puff stores how much money? The following wine to introduce.

open a puff of stores need to how much money? Store specifications are not the same, operating costs are not the same.

open a shop generally have the following three kinds of shops, the following analysis of the fight to fight the costs:

1, micro shop

So the size of the

planning puff franchise is very suitable entrepreneurship students, together with such a plan the size of the franchise is not only a puff puff store cost comparison is low, the whole store contributed funds demand is not very high, because the mini puffs store, the store area at the request of the is not great, the root area of the mouth is enough, so in the site is a simple comparison.

2, standard store

this is in contrast to much of the market necessarily stores puff planning, generally is suitable contrast small business, on the one hand it puffs store cost to join fundamentally in the 1-3 million, with the still open is what kind of project, and the total investment. The relative micro stores, investment demand for funds is compared much, what the store size, decoration investment and the rent of investment is also more contrast.

3, flagship store

this shop type puff stores, its basic position is in the white-collar, so the project request is comparative high, of course, the cost of joining the corresponding store puffs up will be expensive, but the starting point so puff franchise is in contrast to a high, fundamental location in prosperity the circle inside, and its gain is more than two stores above, but this form is not in favor of novice entrepreneurs funded.

small series analysis, compared to the cost of opening the franchise

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