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we all know, Gansu, Wuwei has always been known as the yellow sand, in the hearts of everyone, it was a city filled with yellow sand. Gansu province is located in Wuwei City, the national ecological pattern of Tibetan plateau ecological barrier and the center of the northern sand belt, drought, Shaduolin, fragile ecological environment, is one of the most serious areas of national desertification.

in recent years, Gansu, Wuwei, according to local conditions, desertification, sand two pronged approach, the desert ecological control and sand industry development has achieved remarkable results.

in the Tengger Desert and Badain Jilin desert of southern Wuwei City, Gansu province in recent years, through scientific management, the local vegetation oasis has been effectively restored, underground water level increased year by year.

as one of the northern area of our country’s largest center and the source of Sandstorm in Minqin County of Wuwei City, surrounded by the Tengger Desert and Badain Jilin desert in the shape of "C", it is "China sand". 25 years of rivalry and desert in Minqin Liangucheng Psammophyte Nature Reserve Management Station Tao Haixuan told reporters that in recent years, Minqin people played a beautiful desert "battle", "Sha Mo" past to the people caused by the raging pain is gradually improving.

Tao Haixuan: governance before the wind is dust, sand past the seedling is killed, the film was blown off. Directly affect the production, affecting people’s living environment, before the wind, cleaning the house into the garbage, dust scraping the shelf for the car to go out, now the wind by soil after dustpan can clean out, people feel very deep treatment effect.

stands in the town village in the village the word cloud heights to them, once continuous dune is now a yellowish brown green Olga sacsaoul. In the eyes of the villagers Ma Zhonghua, not only is this piece of Haloxylon sand "good helper", is shaking Qian Shu drive people to become rich "". Since 2010, the horse took the villagers in 600 acres of Haloxylon ammodendron grafted on Cistanche, he said, after groping practice of a few years, the income of farmers compared to the previous two years, can be regarded as a world of difference.

Gansu, Wuwei, in recent years, the treatment of yellow sand, to bring more people out of the ordinary, it is worth millions of people optimistic. Desertification is not completed, the elimination of poverty is still in progress. Gansu Desert Control Research Institute Secretary of the Party committee deputy director Xu Xianying believes that only relying on the scientific planning and development of sand industry, let people grasp the point of "sand" gold ability, can help the masses in scientific sand also winning the battle out of poverty.

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