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small adorn article is common in people’s lives, but also by the majority of young people’s favorite, whether it is a boy or a girl, will be the pursuit of fashion and trends, so small adorn article to get people’s favorite.

do professional: in recent years, the market demand is more and more big, do jewelry business people more and more, the market competition is more intense. However, the market space is still very large jewelry, because the trend is constantly changing, but requires practitioners to do more professional.

site: taking into account the jewelry store customer has a majority of students, so they generally choose the university city or university high school near the young people especially the fashion trend of people in many places, of course, can also be a bustling commercial street.

decoration: decoration not like hotels, luxurious but must hold a little to look fashionable accessories, itself is a kind of popular trend, in the decoration must pay attention to the style, specification, conspicuous, strengthen emotional epochalcharacter brand, let the store design and signs also become their own free advertising.

of course can not be generalized, the renovation costs according to local consumption level. Need something: the shelf price of 480 yuan for the whole steel structure, four storey 2 meters, 1.6 meters wide, of course, this is the highest price. The counter, spotlights and other necessities.

purchase: purchase must be based on the local culture, customs and habits to choose, the price must be based on the age of the consumer groups around you, the city’s level of consumption, income, service must be in place.

goods to the whole: the first purchase of general budget fifty thousand is better, of course, purchase the goods together to spread 30 thousand. Including cosmetics series, headdress, jewelry and other jewelry series, key chain, dolls, ceramic dolls and other gifts. The goods must be high and low grade, to meet the needs of different consumers. Goods to the best characteristics to minority area purchase relics, Dai jewelry is very popular now, people pay attention to the personality.

because the small jewelry industry has its own prospects for development, so the product will certainly get people’s favorite, coupled with consumer optimism, I believe in the future development of small jewelry industry will enter the stage of rapid development.

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