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memory pillow is very popular, people can relieve fatigue in people in their sleep, so that people can better enhance memory, so what kind of pillow can let a person more ease the day fatigue memory pillow is undoubtedly the first choice?. However, the quality of the pillow on the market is uneven, may not be able to promote sleep, how to choose is a big problem. Now, let me introduce you to the memory of the top ten brands, to help people better choose.

ten memory pillow brand ranking NO.1 Back2 ridge state memory pillow

Back2 ridge memory pillow is designed by a group of senior designers focused on health, it is designed to be healthy and comfortable, relaxed and comfortable life together. The use of pressure relief memory material made from cotton, soft touch, rapid relief of physical pressure, and have good support, four seasons comfortable, breathable environment, conducive to the health of the spine.

ten memory pillow brand ranking NO.2 TEMPUR taipuer

It is the founder of

ten brands list memory pillow sleep Dr. AiSleep


"sleep Dr. AiSleep" is a Danish Silk Group Co., ribe’s flagship brand, the Danish silk ribe Group Company Limited was founded in twentieth Century at the end of the county of Copenhagen (Koebenhavn), the research has been dedicated to sleep technology, the main products are: natural latex series (latex mattresses, pillows, cotton memory etc.) series (memory memory pillow, mattress, etc.) and other series of feather pillow.

ten memory pillow brand ranking NO.4 music of the town of laziladi

music town of laziladi brand is Hangzhou Tao Zhugong brand management planning Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of investment, the town of Le laziladi healthy sleep series products for users, to its design features are divided into old series, Braun series and series of sleep habits, this product has the ease of cervical pain, insomnia and other symptoms. Long time use of the role of health care.

ten memory pillow brand ranking NO.5 sleep Sleepezbedz

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