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in order to make money, and now there are a lot of shops are really nothing, however, a moment to make a fortune, but lost the hearts of people, want to let the shop business is booming, I am afraid it is difficult to do. On the contrary, if a lot from the consumer’s point of view, but really can do a good business, just like the hero of this article Bai Jianbao do.

some people say, keep shop selling things, the same is to see, the ten is also look. The more strains, of course, earn more. In order to extend the service connotation, many retail stores even extended to service these aspects of laundry, nanny in the community, to maximize the service image at the same time, also increased the shop operating profit source, can be said to be linfe.

"tiger machine" whether shop operators or consumers, we can say is not strange, there are so many restaurants, nightclubs, KTV, tea corner put one or two Taiwan, to the guests in their spare time, to two, on the one hand out of the way, the operator can also hand and "the tiger machine" into "tobacco, earn some money".

second, whether it is "slot machine" or "grasp hood", is a gambling tool, many migrant workers, KTV and other places like restaurants, retail stores, earned mostly repeat business, so do not mind. However, in recent years, with the increase in the crackdown, these gambling tools are presented to retail stores, especially in some underdeveloped areas, or the development trend of rural retail stores.

with the outflow of rural population, rural migrant workers go out more, retail business is difficult to do, an increase of income is certainly a good thing, but the gentleman’s love of money, in a proper way. If blindly staring at the money, lost the conscience of the man, the money earned is short-lived money, it is difficult to do business for a long time.

my original store also put a "tiger machine" at that time, because they do not pay enough attention to this aspect, and the other said, it does not make money, will give twenty yuan site fees every day, and I don’t bother to bother, but also to make money, a map is not a more money.

but later I found that the village is the original three block five to play, and later developed to 350, even sanwubo, all day long in front of the machine. I realized that this would be a "eat" things, not good will break the law. So, I said to the owner of the machine, you take it, put things here, sooner or later is a curse. The boss said, you want to ask us to add some money, or to make money for us half.

I said, you are not for me. Later, his boss had to leave. As far as I am concerned, now some retail stores in rural areas, such as a slot machine gambling machines are normal, is also very common, the biggest incentive is a

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