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Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the major business moves frequently, grab a variety of promotions to fight the market. For Chinese fast food entrepreneurs, how to do the Mid Autumn Festival Promotion? Chinese fast food store to do a good job in the Mid Autumn Festival Promotion, you can refer to the following aspects, learn from the application will help.

A, promotional advertising ahead

How do

1, whether in television, newspapers or shopping malls in the advertising, the store posters are indispensable, the most important thing is to enter the shop after the consultation and watch;

2, Chinese fast food restaurants how to do the Mid Autumn Festival Promotion? Join the short-term sales of the best use of promotional leaflets, the cost is low, can be selective, repeated reading can further enhance the propaganda, but also to impress consumers;

3, added to the gold medal in the advertising, the customer took these to the store consumer exchange, kill two birds with one stone thing.

two, discount gifts free samples

How do

three, clever take "moon cakes" ride

four, the mid autumn day comic promotional

How do

How do

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