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now there are a lot of people want to try to start a business, but the cost of the project needs too much money, many people can not meet the requirements. So online shop to get more people of all ages. However, open shop should be how to make money? If you want to know, it’s for you.


if you will be graphic design, 3D design, web design and other technical work, can be in online orders to do, recommended to Witkey website look, such as:, task Chinese network etc.. There are relatively simple tasks, such as: name, planning, design companies, such as logo, look at it.

can do Taobao customers, Taobao is Ali mother and cooperation products, as long as you registered the Ali Mama, help sales treasurer of Taobao, you can get the Commission this way almost does not require any investment, as long as it is hard to get the Commission considerable publicity, is a good method for part-time online.

if you do not have the source, you can purchase from the Alibaba, Ali has a lsquo small wholesale shop sales platform, and Alibaba is the largest B2B trading site in Taobao, Taobao is one of the largest online trading platform, make good use of these two tools, sitting at home can save money.

actually these skills is still a probably analysis, there are still many problems will appear in the actual operation. Because each owner must sum up experience in time, and make a response plan. So open shop can also become an easy thing, I hope to help more people.


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