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in the fierce competition in the retail market to survive, the streets and shops everywhere, business increasingly difficult to do. If it is not out of their own store, shop rent pressure relatively smaller; if it is rented storefront, expensive rent, water, electricity and other expenses, it is more difficult to survive. I will pay attention to every place around the shop, shop location is a good business is relatively good, popularity is flourishing, store atmosphere is also very active; and to store the location is not good, the lack of customers, the day Monroe Finch, scanty, the owner is also very slow business in the blues.

In fact,

, as a retail store, in a highly competitive environment to survive, in addition to think of ways to expand the source of business opportunities, you can also find a business in the depression to enrich their spare time. On the one hand, when the shop to solve the boring retail life, on the other hand can earn one money, to give the home a little bit of economic pressure to reduce the appropriate.

for the kind of husband and wife store, if you encounter a light period, you can also let the husband and wife to find a job to earn income to subsidize family expenses. For example: find some manual work, taxi soliciting, use their own expertise to undertake some hydropower business, etc., are a good way. I also visited a number of such a sideline in the form of increased revenue to the store, so that the stable survival of shops, will not be eliminated, the following to see how they operate!

Yichun City, the town of bamboo kiosks should be transported to the supermarket owner

my shop opened in the town bus station, I used to be the Yichun passenger transport company to the town to work in the town of conductor. Passenger station in every town where the company set up a point should be transported through the supermarket shop, my family lived in the rural town, in order to go to the ticket from early to late in the way I go back and forth, to the passenger transport company headquarters leadership for love to help them see the supermarket. So leaders promised down, did not expect to see the first half of the love supermarket, the leaders again and again in trouble, while the account is not on the number, said the supermarket health do not, so love angry, don’t want to help them.

only occasionally, in November last year, the passenger company has begun to reform, in order to save money, the conductor has resigned, into the form of automatic coin. For some of our old employees is undoubtedly a heavy blow, but also to find a new job is not easy! So I negotiate with the leaders to let them give us the supermarket business, we pay a certain amount of rent per year. So last year from December last year we started formal operation of the supermarket, purchase sellers are our own ideas.

although the location of the shop is not bad, but the scope of the town is not very large, usually a lot of young people are out of work, so the flow of people is not so dense, plus >

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