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is now in the social life, some fine Home Furnishing craft products, is very popular in the market, especially some of the more personalized Home Furnishing craft products, in our life, very popular.

Want to open a successful

how location is furniture dealers before investing to think; for Home Furnishing crafts stores location have a lot of skills, arts and crafts store money skills, for investors, Home Furnishing crafts stores location skills very much. As if your furniture dealers do not know how to Home Furnishing crafts stores location, then the following Home Furnishing crafts store location is the location of your Raiders will guide, to help you to choose a suitable Home Furnishing crafts stores and stores the address.

1, field investigation is very important to Home Furnishing jewelry store: the business area should also be further investigated in this area and operating conditions, can choose one of the sections of the crafts shop on the key inspection, by the time of day is calculated per hour after the flow, craft shops to enter the craft store customer number, purchase the number of customers, in order to determine the operating conditions of the arts and crafts store.

2, a good location is not good business: first, consumers buy Home Furnishing accessories are often started only in hard decoration near the end, so the store should be connected with the last part of the decoration, such as furniture, curtains and adjacent shop stores, building materials stores, shops and avoid bathroom adjacent; secondly, we should choose in the regional arts and crafts more concentrated, because it can not only use the adjacent shop customer base, handicraft shop how to make money, but also for major consumer groups.

3, to see and ask: look around the shop business, look around people is what kind of consumer, to ask people to have much interest in your products, so customers only interested in the product can lead to their desire to buy, at this point, you can try with a look at the people and small goods stalls customers whether there is a demand, you can try the next.

This is the location of the

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