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current social environment is that many people often leave their homes and live a life of working outside year round. But working outside the home buyers in the health insurance, sick when the reimbursement is still very troublesome. Before the end of September this year, Henan remote medical immediate settlement platform will be docking with the Ministry of human resources and national platform. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, access to the national platform, the province will take the lead in the country to achieve inter provincial remote medical billing.

it is understood that Henan has been fully opened in the province offsite medical instant settlement platform. As of early July, 10 city and 18 provincial governing counties of our province (city) under the jurisdiction of urban employees, basic medical insurance for urban residents has all access, real-time remote medical billing platform, realizes the urban basic medical insurance coverage in remote medical immediate settlement.

in the development of economy, science and technology in the unceasing innovation, in the current market environment, the relevant government departments in the US, combined with the current era advantage, provide more convenience for the masses. At present, the Ministry of human resources and social Henan as the first batch of pilot provinces remote medical card settlement provinces, according to the plan, our province will be completed before the end of September and the Ministry of human resources and national platform docking, will be the first in the country to achieve provincial remote medical immediate settlement.

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