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Search and commodity search within the

web site is a common tool for users to find specific information within a web site. Continuous observation, search, utilization, the ability to investigate the user’s understanding and expected changes.

1, define

imports WebSideStory, Search, Mercado, Google, Search, Appliance, Endeca and other search tools into a web site and can determine how many people in the audience have used the search. The most general method of measurement is to insert tags on the search results page, or to identify them from log analysis. The formula is as follows:

read more than one search results page number of visitors / total number of visitors = search usage

is not based on "visitors", but is based on the number of visits, and it also helps to understand whether a person uses a different search. In comparison, the results of the two calculations are different.

in the different business context, search placement is extremely important, and if the site analysis tools can correspond to complex segments, it is recommended that the site KPI subdivision tracking.

two, form


should report on the website KPI clearly is that the value of reading is 1 times more than the proportion of the search results page, that is not the external search engine, but the use of "internal site search" rate.

three, expected target

search usage varies according to the expected visitor type and the information provided, the type of merchandise, and the availability of the site as a whole. Some sites have a majority of "station searchers", while few sites search for them in the station. The value is almost stable as long as the design of the site does not change greatly.

four, action

because this value is basically stable, so if there is a dramatic change, it is likely that the recent revision of the site, there have been some mistakes. If you drop sharply, you have to think, "do the station search tools work right now?"". In addition, regardless of the amount of investment in the search tool and the low utilization rate, it may have been the result of a bad search configuration in the past or some bad design in the station search.

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