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the last time and we share the "share" local portal operation experience and mode of profit today Fanfan going to tell you about how I was through a combination of online and offline profits.

in recent years, more and more vertical website webmaster’s favor, like local portal is hot too, but for the grass-roots webmaster, due to popularity, resources, funds are limited, to achieve profitability is still a bit difficult, I believe many web sites have high popularity but it has been unable to profit, a website has been unable to profit is difficult in this era of survival in down, let your own website how to quickly profit? Is every webmaster want to break the biggest difficulty, want in the local portal net profit is not a few friends. Then, as a local gateway network, what profit model,


first of all, my website has set up classified information, recruitment, property, group buying activities, online shopping, reputation merchants, enterprise Yellow Pages, promotions and forums 9 channels. In the early development of the website does not suggest that you try to hurry to make money, even fooled businesses, this is not a permanent solution. For the web site, the popularity is the most important, it is easy to make money, and the early stage of website content construction and publicity. Then I will profit model of Wuxi 369 information network with the author personally operation for example, hope to help those who will plan into the local station in the industry and has been in the local portal industry share some experience.

line of profit model

< 1> sale website advertising: this all the more clear, advertising profit website is one of the most common and most important profit, but these ads are the best with relevant section, can sell some real estate and necessities of advertising, how much the price, to negotiate with the business, do mutual benefit. And no matter how much advertising is done, it must satisfy the user’s experience and allow users to find the information they need conveniently.

< 2> group purchase activities: Although most network group purchase are facing collapse phenomenon, but if the group purchase activities combined with our online portals will often have unexpected results, many users through the local network to buy your loyal businesses launched products, so you can get high income.

< 3> property channels: on the one hand can provide users with the latest local housing prices and rental housing information; after the popularity of the intermediary companies or brokers can be settled down to earn a certain income.

< 4> part of the channel the title: when our local portal site with popularity, brand development to a certain time, can according to the need to start multiple channels for rental, which can not only enrich the content of the website, the accumulation of popularity, but also can bring some income for us.

< 5> divide >

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