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when China’s investment environment is getting better and better, many foreign students and overseas Chinese have chosen to return to business. The rise of returnees is not only China the result of economic development, but also Chinese roots caused by feelings of bones.

"home and everything". In the traditional concept of Chinese people, the family is always the most important part of the heart. For entrepreneurs who have been abroad to get back to the family, returned to the country to start a business, it means that either the family moved back home, or separated from their families. This dilemma is often very difficult to let the returnees tangled, then the family’s understanding and support becomes very important.

held in the opening activities after the "inheritance of · on the Shenzhen returnees" dialogue meeting, is currently part of the returnees business in Shenzhen in the field to share his entrepreneurial scriptures, they are invariably talked about the importance of family in the entrepreneurial process.

Chang Zhijun is chairman of the national people plan expert, Ryan Seiki Shenzhen Co. ltd.. When he returned from Japan in 2007, he was 45 years old. At that time, his children are in high school, it is necessary to spend money, but he gave up the stability of foreign work and life back home to start a business. His wife in order to accompany him to start a business, resolutely resigned from the Japanese foreign trade company’s high paying jobs, and he returned home.

"entrepreneurship is a very frustrating thing, my mind is full of things that the company has little time to ask about the family, so I have been very sorry." In the dialogue scene, Chang Zhijun also prepared a surprise for his wife. For the first time he had been offered a bouquet of flowers to his wife, and thanked her for years. His wife was very moved, and even a few choked when talking, she admitted that so many years of the heart had complained, but often see the husband of hard work, this kind of complaint disappeared. The audience was also accompanied by the perennial companionship and pay to be touched, spontaneous bursts of applause.

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