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traffic is the basis of a web site, there is traffic only click advertising, in order to realize, it is also a sign of success of the site. How to obtain traffic is the problem that each website operator must consider.

March 3rd, Admin5 Thursday edition chat activity, invite SEO- Guo Yanjing (COBRA) to share how to get the site traffic and SEO aspects of the topic, this paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.

asked: Cobra is an early well-known webmaster representatives, 15 years old and join the Internet, talk about the experience of that time, detailing your first web site, and the problems encountered at that time.

: I was 02 years from the beginning of the site, the beginning is used in the y365,8u8 space, then it is very silly, but I HTML space, dynamic forum, and does not support FTP, is a web form single upload, busy for a long time, finally going to delete. The domain name at that time should be the station of glasses. At that time, FLASH was very hot, both of which were made by FLASH. The problem at that time was the problem of income, because at that time many of the alliance was unreliable and didn’t realize the opportunity, and later learned the wireless alliance.

asked: Guo teacher, Hello, how can I get the product flow station, such as weight loss product station?. Can I only rank by SEO? Is there any other way,


answer: for small and medium sites, the main way to get traffic, or the highest cost-effective way is the search engine, and SEO is one of the best ways. Of course, if you have the energy and funds, you can also carry out SEM marketing. Now the Web2.0 form of the site, the impact of electricity supplier is also very good, there is time to study.

asked: 1, I do pregnant women anti radiation clothing class Taobao customers, how can I do promotion to get into the quasi flow? 2, flow to how to have higher conversion rate?


answer: 1, search traffic is the most accurate, now with micro-blog, you can also from passive to active before marketing, marketing, to the demand of this search, or discuss people on this topic, to participate in the expert’s view, and then lead into a single. 2, and now many electricity supplier website, there are special optimization page group, they according to statistics, click on data, etc., analysis, so as to optimize. For example, Baidu statistical thermal chart function, that is, analysis of user behavior tools, recommended use. To improve the conversion of Jiang a website advertising direction, location, and the website of the product and so on are all related, is a systematic work.

: Hello, guests, introduced in the introduction, early 2008 operating Shijiazhuang city network, the site traffic exceeded 118000, when you did what optimization to achieve these traffic?.


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