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after the birth of the baby is not at work, at home to start a full-time wife, contact Taobao accidentally, just love Taobao to buy things, soon after, the full-time wife role makes me feel boring, want to go out to work, and worried about the baby if you can work at home. And also so think, why not open a shop? After the change from an online shopping Master become a seller, so Taobao and tangled together, from the shop to now, almost half a year, finally rose 3 diamond, although is not what, but compared to tens of thousands of shop soon died on a lot better than the store, or to celebrate. Just send a post experience to encourage yourself, but also share and share my experience of half a year! If you feel useful, please remember to take


one, the continuous pursuit of the perfect shop

1, shop proper landscaping!


did not shop before, I think some stores have large pictures look very comfortable, so they usually go to the big picture store to buy things. Then I wonder why some shops do not have the big picture with a small picture? After opening the shop, just know it is to open the shop in order to use the big picture, so I think that the ability of sellers to apply for a shop, because the small picture looks really not too clear, even if after you click on the picture is beautiful, can not be a buyers click

check it!The first thing

so I shop is to apply for business shop, shop decoration, and I think this is the opening of new stores necessary investment, because the shop is open late, so we must do what to attract the customer to our side.

2, are the categories detailed enough,


can do a more detailed classification of products, so the search product is relatively easy, some products are not classified shops, or only 2, class 3, a lot of products to turn a page to check! Look tired! So I suggest to do a detailed classification! Separated according to brand and features, the convenience of buyers to find their own


3, the products on the shop are good and inexpensive,


some of Amoy friends always complain that no business, sometimes into the store to see the product, common, have a lot of people are selling, no feature of Taobao, but the price is superior! For people often online shopping is not really a great temptation Oh ~ so the product in the premise of ensuring the quality of reference for other shops prices

, as far as possible reasonable!

4, does the product name contain keywords?

too fancy product name to search actually did not play any help, like many patterns, such as circle, when buyers search with keyword search! Description of product function keywords can increase the amount, reduce the number of only decoration Tutu! Chances to search products will increase Oh ~

5, is the product description >?

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