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if you are on the Internet for a long time has mixed webmaster, believe you must also know that Baidu search from 2013 to 2012, there have been many changes, from the beginning of the K station to the chain later hit, and then to the user experience and the original article on strike. I recently found a lot of changes in Baidu search engines, that is, for new sites, it has what rules?.

first, domain name included slow

1. believe we used to do site included rate is 100%, but now new sites if there is no content and the chain, only submitted Baidu words, will not be included. Even if you have content, but also must do the chain of boot. Otherwise, don’t let search engines include your web site.

2. pages include slow

now most webmasters will find that if your site is new sites, will be included in the page appears slow, the general weight high website as long as reprint your article on the site included, and you stop the release of the chain to guide the search engine included your page, but search engine will pass for a long time the judge only included your page.

second, the weight of new sites decreased by


, we just registered a new domain name, generally more simple words can have ranking, now is not the case, but also included new sites every day to update the original article, after a month of time before a little improvement.

third, ranking unstable,

new station after doing well, and now basically have a ranking, to second weeks began without. Some new words this for a moment in the home while another term in the Baidu home page, let many webmaster know.

fourth, snapshot questions,

before the new station snapshot stable update, as long as no change, basic will be very stable. Now if the new station snapshot update stable, even if you keep the same updates every day, or will often appear snapshot abnormal phenomenon.

fifth, no reason to drop the right

is your new website, optimization is in line with search engine standards, but it was down right. You can’t find a solution, and finally, just give up this new site and do it again.

summary, the current new station problems, I found so much, but I believe there are many other webmaster problems appear, I hope you can explore their own. This article by: three piece ball valve provides, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you.

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