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League! How many more!


googleadsense, Baidu, TOM, NetEase, 265, Qi run, ripple, BOLAA, Jinshan, most major domestic advertising alliance! Achievements is a slowly rising star! Blessing results in the results of 3rd anniversary of the tracks, blessing, results of company, also hope to earn more money for 08 years master

, I’ve done all the league and what alliances I’ve tried, and then it’s the disappointments of surprises.

once around the webmaster information portal, once removed from behind, AdSense and other large forum, once every day to inquire about the new alliance advertising information! You — until the discovery of the results, this time has not decided to put your station advertising, like the original friends with me when I mentioned to you, you see a landing station what is Japan’s, and see some negative information forum to pay, I decided to abandon you, but when do, please look down!

first summarize the experience, website advertising, the most important thing is to make your site good business, build their own good content, content to attract people, promotion well, traffic flow will go up, reach thousands of IP a day, you can consider to put some advertising. But don’t delegate too much, pick one ad league that suits you, study the subtle relationships between web traffic and ad click rates, and slowly find ways to make money. Finally, I wish everyone can earn money through their own efforts! We have time together can learn from, share some do stand experience! Yes, my friend and I spontaneously formed 2 results of folk group, thank you to join in the 2 groups are almost full, then adds a new group. I believe when results more and more, a few groups can accommodate thousands of webmaster


web site to make money is the best website, not false! When this idea, please do not laugh at me too money, but this is reality. I am not a computer, but I often concentrated on the Internet in abundance, in his spare time to do two sites. Do Wangzhuan is 3 years, while doing a master’s time for 2 years, the advertising alliance for a year and a half, I am now a main resource station (temporarily no name and connection, to avoid the soft) independent IP tens of thousands more average income could probably. This reminder to the new webmaster, just a few days or even longer time, you do very hard, but did not see any money, you will suspect that resentment: all lies. And earn a little money, they fantasize to Wangzhuan for a lifetime career, in fact Wangzhuan is a very long process, generally after two months is your harvest period. If you do not have your own website, if you don’t have many referrals, not easy to do specifically to resign, unless you have earned enough. Stationmaster has done a lot of company, received money more just rise. The amount of money you make is proportional to the person’s willpower + experience + ability. As long as you keep your mind and your heart, you will be sure

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