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with the rapid growth of China’s population is not only a series of China’s survival crisis, faster growth and maturity of China’s Internet users. A series of online service industries are emerging in this lively and networked atmosphere. C2C mature, formed the perfect online payment as well as to the virtual means of payment, to provide conditions for online services.

The virtual and actionable nature of the

network makes it easier for the natural and comfortable Chinese to accept freely or freely from the internet. The maturity and success of a series of online trading platforms, to a large extent, proves that existing Internet giants are fully prescient in targeting the Internet market. This vast market share and capacity sphere is showing its iceberg from the net of the ocean. Undeniably, the network is yet to be developed "big northwest" is waiting for us to vigorously develop.

some time ago, the author blog message suddenly appeared in the name of service advertising, click the link to go to a book named Zhou site. The website produced exquisite, give people the feeling that after all the above flash, mystery of mysteries, gossip. I immediately typed in Baidu keyword: name, appeared in Baidu search results, contrary to my surprise. Thousands of named websites have grown up outside my visual field. The name of the website is not cheap, at least hundreds, even hundreds of thousands. Of course, the current Chinese economic situation has been greatly reversed, and the corresponding price name service is still quite a number of consumers can afford. Then the online uproar on straight emerging industry service level to

exactly to what extent?

the author in a "need" perspective, after a long time of understanding, found that the online name service generally comes from a road. The website is the so-called "feng shui master", named master. And coincidentally, "China’s first" name, the site supporting the development of the name test software, and even provide network version, any site can be directly switched to obtain code. After careful observation, these software is not perfect and sacred. Method by analysis Chinese meaning text five confirm, also with the analysis of the use of rhyme, but the old lady is heavy meaning analysis. In order to write the software conveniently and the parameters are not trivial, we use the phonological analysis. For the rest of the world, the emphasis on this tradition is enormous. In addition, the survey software also uses the stroke measurement method that we have always been very important to Toyo, japan. The initiator of this method, he was a famous teacher. The author observed temporarily for online measuring the comments of this software is rational, from a "cultural poetic name (Ya Mingxuan) website, webmaster directly to the online software measuring not credible" on its website named knowledge column published an article pointed out that network software system in flood field measuring the absurd. Although there are some new innovation too, but also in the correct orientation and guide consumers to play a certain role.


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