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We all know that

, now the site navigation station is not good, big and small navigation station is innumerable, since the publication of the 114LA program after his navigation is mostly the same, disaster caused by flooding water, is the main navigation station is not high technical requirements, and get a free program, to find a good navigation station, you can do get out of A. But as we all know, navigation station is easy to build and difficult to popularize. The reason for this is nothing more than the following:

1, user habits, habits determine the viscosity of the site, for the site of the early navigation station, users have become accustomed to it, want to change user habits, it is difficult, such as: hao123, 265, etc.. Many webmaster think it is very simple, but this is quite simple things, at the beginning of the convenience of many domestic Internet users, everyone used to use it. Sometimes, the simpler the better, and the simple way to do it from the user’s point of view is not far from success. Therefore, some of the current navigation stations want to go beyond them, almost impossible. Unless there is a new breakthrough, can change the habit of the user or the other to go the other path, it is behind some site navigation station by software and bundled browser bundled, or even by the spread of the virus, or to seize part of the user terminal.

2, the user experience, many owners believe that the current site navigation station on the 2345, like hao123265114la, is mainly to do early, think oneself is to grab the opportunities Born Under A Bad Sign. Get yourself a program, just a few days to make a fiddle with them about their navigation station, if done early, how would like how arrogant. In fact, the site is certainly early one of its success factors, which also from another point of view of the webmaster’s vision, the opportunity to come, not everyone can hold. There is no doubt that if it is only early, it is certainly unable to retain too many users. Amateurs watch the fun, experts see doorways, do site navigation stations, if only stay in to see the appearance, that is forever can not enter. You may wish to carefully analyze the navigation station a few good, not difficult to find, the user experience value determines his viscosity, to look at them from the user’s point of view, you will find that they are simple, and even some ugly, but fast, the layout is simple and generous, practical and convenient, only the user feel useful for them to use it. But unfortunately, most of the same station, imitation of the webmaster are also surface things, not really think and analyze them, difficult to do, that is expected.

therefore, it is not difficult to see that the webmaster if you want to do the navigation station, and not by Dongfeng, we must proceed from the user habits, to segment and locate their target populations, in their view, can bring value to the target customers, at least they don’t convenient Internet life. Imitation, behind others ass run, that never the light of day. Later will be recorded in their students to do 265 Internet navigation some of the experience and experience, and the majority of the webmaster to discuss sharing.

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