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recently, "give me ten seconds to give you the whole of Beijing" as the slogan of the Beijing search site, get a lot of money free of Beijing cultural and creative fund support, according to informed sources, the amount of more than 10 million.

has invested $12 million in the early Facebook; Blair Jim Breyer recalled: "when I think back to the first week of April 2005 in California, Wood said the first time with Mark for dinner, I will laugh. I ordered a glass of Pinot Noir Wine, he asked Sprite. I asked him why he didn’t want a drink like me, and he said he was only 1 months old, 21 years old."

, Mark, · Zuckerberg’s name first appeared in Forbes magazine, or later edited by the magazine editor. In the 2007 edition of the Forbes 400 rich list, there was a few words about Zuckerberg introduced between the rich and the pictures.

Beijing search www.beijingso is a practical information search website for Beijing daily newspaper holdings, which serves the people of Beijing. With free website services, Beijing has been identified as the only living information public service website. The main site is for the people of Beijing and visitors to Beijing, and the upcoming Olympic Games service, is the first case of similar sites in Beijing, which is also in line with the cultural and creative "from the creative or cultural accumulation, the formation of intellectual property and application, with the creation of wealth and employment potential, and promote the whole life to improve the environment of industry." As a result, it was rated as an innovation project of class A and received free support from the fund.

Forbes describes him as follows: "Silicon Valley’s popular Facebook network, Zuckerberg, sells for $about 10000000000, but in our view it’s too high.". The company’s annual revenues are only about $150 million. Although the company is growing fast, it’s worth $4 billion 300 million – an estimated 30% stake in Zuckerberg – the $1 billion 300 million threshold this year – Facebook needs to increase its revenue by 30 times."

it is reported that Beijing search will soon be launched in December 12th, the news did not report in the media trend. But after a reporter unannounced visits, this news is true. Beijing search official said the amount of specific funds is not disclosed. However, according to informed sources, the amount of funds over 10 million.

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NetEase technology news May 15th, according to the "Forbes" web site reported that this Wednesday, Facebook founder and CEO Mark ·, Zuckerberg has been 30 years old. Forbes magazine specializes in writing articles, reviewing stories about him, the way he walked, and memories of his friends.

, in February, when many saw the future of Facebook’s strategy, its CEO came out and signed the largest acquisition deal in Silicon Valley history.

at the time, Forbes and other media underestimated the potential of Facebook. For the next 7 years, Zuckerberg and his company have been a fascinating source of news, both unexpected and good or bad. In the early days of Facebook, many expected the company to sell because YAHOO and Microsoft were bidding for it. But Zuckerberg never understood. In 2012, most people thought the company’s IPO might be going well, but it was wrong.

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in 2008, when Zuckerberg first appeared in the Forbes billionaires list, he still maintained the modern nerd image. If you’re still wondering about the precocious maturity of the Facebook CEO, think about it: when Bill · Gates, 30, he hasn’t released the Windows system yet. Steve · Jobs was just 30 years old when he was kicked out of apple and started exile for 10 years. At the age of Geoff, · was just starting amazon.

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