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the top joint office space in the country! The most IN entrepreneurial atmosphere! The most professional entrepreneurial services! Lock good rental official website, July rental business season, take you free!

first of all, you apply for a blog, such as with the blog, Zhonghua blog, Sina blog, etc.. Sina blog seems to have been unable to advertise on it, but it can do links. sh419 space is very sensitive to the word Wangzhuan, not suitable for.

in the current "public entrepreneurship, innovation" era, more and more people begin to engage in a dream business boom, the economy is hit with Everfount vitality. However, entrepreneurship is not just a simple IDEA, but a arduous and tortuous struggle. In order to better help entrepreneurs realize their dreams, "good rent" will be officially launched this month, "good rental business season, 0 yuan to enjoy fine office" activities, together with a number of well-known joint office brand for entrepreneurs to provide free office space.

, now popular, such as click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan games, surfing, survey etc. most of them need to Wangzhuan promotion members commonly known as pull offline in order to obtain higher income, in order to draw the line, you have to master some skills to pull off the assembly line. We are all used to pull down the line, the method is to use , MSN, mail bulk, BBS post, etc., and some friends to reflect such pull down the line, the effect is very small. Especially in the Wangzhuan forum, tens of thousands of similar ads, in which very little role to support a post! Blog here the net Wangzhuan suggest to do Wangzhuan, this method do Wangzhuan more lasting effect, can even play the effect of once, but also can earn advertising fees for advertising.

adhering to the "make office life easier" mission, rent by Internet plus commercial real estate operation mode, thinking of using the Internet to change the traditional commercial real estate line operation mode, service processes, data and technology to drive, provide lasting power for entrepreneurship and innovation. At the same time as the leading Internet office service platform, good rental is also concerned about the dream and future of every entrepreneur, and practical actions to support entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. Previously, rent had a joint share office space to carry out "brand for entrepreneurs dream of ‘buy’ series of activities, let countless entrepreneurs enjoy good rent business spree brought dividends, held 1 yuan to grab station" activities in last year’s double eleven period, improve the office environment for entrepreneurs, to help entrepreneurs to speed up the realization of dreams.

fifth, in the post or other Forum blog links for your recommended Wangzhuan! When someone registered this Wangzhuan through this link you can start making money! Do link to master the technique, must do a detailed description of the items you recommend, so users you will believe you will pass the link to the website registration.

second, a theme, that is to say you have to do what the content of blog! If you do get referrals for these promotion, investigation, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan surfing and other projects, you can do a "Wangzhuan" as the main content of the blog.

We all know that


fourth, it is best to insist on regularly writing some original articles published on the blog. You do Wangzhuan for a long time, will certainly have some of their own understanding or experience of Wangzhuan, or have their own unique views on a specific Wangzhuan project, these can be written in the blog, increase the number of original.

third, this time you have to fill up your blog with tons of content. If you have to do the original blog entirely, the difficulty may be greater. You can collect excellent articles on the Internet, a little modification, that is often referred to as "pseudo original"! Note: the article to mass! This is the basis for your blog popularity.

is one of the major expenditure items in the entrepreneurial process, the office space rental fee is a difficult problem in the face of entrepreneurs, especially for not get financing startups, fewer, shortage of funds, the team energy is limited, how to use the low price to bear all the needs of business is the entrepreneurs are most concerned about. Rent the business activities of the season is the slogan of "entrepreneurship has you, my office, so that entrepreneurs need not consider the cost of office space and subsequent office services, 0 yuan can be settled with office space, the well-known traffic service?? all this entrepreneurial atmosphere? Business problems in good rent help, is no longer a problem.

some time ago I stood in the net Wangzhuan A5 webmaster continuously published "to talk about now is very hot fry" blog "money" and "continued on   the network is now very hot fry" blog "to make money" two articles, won widespread praise from users, today to introduce how to use blog to do wangzhuan.

sixth, how to promote the blog? In the first two articles, we talked about some techniques, so you can go and have a look. Here again add: 1. blog with the same site, should pay attention to should have some popular search vocabulary, so that users can search engine and enter your <

July is the peak season of entrepreneurship, all kinds of entrepreneurial projects and office demand are also concentrated in July outbreak, when entrepreneurs have a good entrepreneurial projects, what is missing is a delicate office environment. In order to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, "to rent business season, 0 yuan to enjoy the exquisite office activities will be officially opened, Beijing, Shanghai, comprehensive coverage of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other national key entrepreneurial atmosphere of the city, whether the students entrepreneurs or start-up companies, or customers of small and medium-sized enterprises has developed to certain scale when can log on the official website of rent haozu or the official micro signal haozunews into the topic page for details and registration to participate in.

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