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, from three angles, Shanghai Park recruitment network Because !

When I have just contact

Wangzhuan, learning a lot of tutorials, read many articles, understand principles, but also did not earn much money, why is this? Think now is very simple, just learning, see others are telling the day to earn hundreds of thousands, compared with their own projects and the study did not need to do, because it was in the hands of the project is the most simple, exhausted every day can earn ten or twenty yuan, so often do not mention the commission can give up. The lack of persistence! It is easy to make some new friends misunderstanding, think Wangzhuan not unrealistic, not reliable, in fact, the problem in themselves.

if the Shanghai Park recruitment network only in the recruiting group staff, can use the domain name asus-hr, according to the Shanghai ASUS Park scale I see, Shanghai Park recruitment network positioning may be the construction of enterprise culture in Shanghai Park, including staff training, staff of life refers to the cultural activities of the organization, and South Park construction, the staff association staff exchanges including emotional communication, technical communication, employee opinion Collection analysis summary to the relevant leaders if the location that is the case, recommend the use of such life-asus domain. Now into the Shanghai campus recruitment network is not convenient, and is not conducive to sh419 and shlf1314 recruitment of Shanghai Park included.

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

1, Shanghai campus recruitment network, it is best to have their own independent domain name

did not understand the real production process of ASUS and HR department, so the following analysis only from the perspective of professional recruitment network in Shanghai Park, combined with the actual ASUS failed to put forward the improvement suggestions and development goals such as can park in Shanghai recruitment network independent development of the electronic industry professional recruitment network, a service can also be ASUS bring real benefits.


Shanghai Park recruitment network talent system using 104ehr, which is the system design of a Taiwan company, may not meet, the candidate’s habits, but also from Shanghai Park recruitment network link 104ehr system, will affect the sh419 and shlf1314 of Shanghai Park recruitment network included, in the long term is not conducive to the development of the recruitment network Shanghai Park, Taiwan area, in case of letter IP, the system will not be able to use 07 years in Taiwan to amend the constitution, to hold a referendum, this is a political problem, very sensitive may seal the IP area of Taiwan, to open 16 of the time, the letter goolge even when what it is not easy to maintain. It is recommended to select the virtual host or personnel system in china.

one, from the point of view of website design technology, Shanghai Park recruitment network

many friends do not believe Wangzhuan, because many of my friends did not earn his first commission through the network, or earn less and less, so what do Wangzhuan? The answer is clear. Why many friends do Wangzhuan when not to earn money or earn very little? Very simple, these people have the same characteristics, is not adhere to, believe in the watch also has a lot of friends do Wangzhuan, or do a period of time is not how successful friends. So I hope this paper can share more experience for everyone Wangzhuan

what is forgotten, I found a small project in the online promotion, the project is very simple, first I added dozens of senior group, is more than 300, with me for more than a week, is a bit boring! Then registered a CPA alliance, CPA the promotion of both: others registered the site through your links, you can get the corresponding commission. Then every day desperately hair, desperately hair. You can see the Commission of the union account, a few gross, a few gross out. So for more than a week, reached 100 yuan, the 100 yuan can be cash, cash for second days, RMB arrival, and my heart is very happy, feel to get their own first commissions, although little, but give me hope, there is hope, my heart better, at least, the network can really make money, I believe that after that, I will live on the web, so every day for a project to operate……

Shanghai campus recruitment network home page pictures too much, too large, too little text, key words is not clear. The Chinese character of less than 140, and there is no set "ASUS Shanghai ASUS recruitment recruitment," such words, a direct consequence of this is not conducive to the sh419 and shlf1314 such as search engines, which is not conducive to the website promotion. What’s more, I found that the introductory text in the website was also made into pictures, although it was good for typesetting, but the search engine didn’t appear

this kind of day has passed several months, later has own website, has own forum, makes the promotion, the marketing, Taobao, Taobao, guest, Witkey and so on pattern. More than a year of experience let my income Wangzhuan, one month from one thousand to ten thousand a month. Here I hope you can understand the truth, Wangzhuan Wangzhuan need to adhere to, need to start small. This article from the Jiangnan Wangmeng original, reproduced please keep

2, design their own independent talent system

3, Shanghai campus recruitment network homepage design is not friendly,

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