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from a novice into Wangzhuan online to make money this way, if you can find a way of learning, make money online, may be to a higher realm of making money online breakthrough. Although energy-saving now even if most of the primary stage of making money online, but also bear the loneliness Cougerenao, talk about their own thought in his spare time at home Wangzhuan experience.

in contributions!

time is very fast, but I have access to the Internet for 2 years. To sum up, a penny did not earn. When you decide to switch careers to something new. I met Taobao. Just started watching people a day hundreds of thousands of income into the webmaster’s pocket, look at yourself sometimes be hard hearted boss because of various interfaces deprive me of my salary, my heart really was not the taste.

small gain, now the next goal is to use online money to completely solve the problem of life. We work together. Write down these things, and friends together to encourage and make progress together.

what happened afterwards is behoove, then is the business manager asked my opinion on the network marketing and network promotion, basically I think these are themselves do not understand, but the fact proves once again, people are forced out, did not know how this thing. I say, it is a set of. After more than a year of Wangzhuan, he is also in the promotion of everyday Wangzhuan, theoretical knowledge can not, but there is still a little experience. Finally, I come to work by interview.

this article original Doug C, Taobao shopping network doudouc

but it was depressing and only kept me for a week. Large volume was included. A lot of traffic is coming up. But when I bring a miscalculation to be right down by the K website with the Links, cause I was retreated by K. At that time, anxious all the fire on the main rooms. Finally, someone else told me. Although it hasn’t recovered yet. But I still feel lucky to meet this problem. Problems will arise sooner or later, and all that should happen now. So I also remind you webmaster do links, must be careful. It’s a fatal mistake. Let’s talk about it,

I think, do Wangzhuan this year’s experience more than my job is to help the very great, revealed a little secret, when I interviewed the company personnel director let me give him a look at the case, I think at that time, I really have not done what the regular good point of the station, do is basically a garbage station, some stations do not interest is, in the tube. There is only one energy-saving I have is in hard, no way, I had to bite the bullet and say your own situation, and then went to the front of the computer, I put this energy-saving open to the supervisor to see, including the background, traffic statistics, let the director look the results of the supervisor at the station I love very home style. Ha-ha。 In a word of conscience, I think my station is too general, but the home page is really spent some thoughts to design to do, at that time still very happy, feel that the supervisor is very good.

I’ve just begun to quit my job and concentrate on the Taobao. The disaster was so quiet that it came when I didn’t find it. I put on a month to live frugally money into space and domain name. I learned programming, so I didn’t find any free software on the Internet, because I wanted to make my own pages original. It took a week to record data and write pages to the server. At that time, there was no record of the pain. On the other hand, the desire to wait for the record number to upload their own programs. It took me a month to get out, and it made me find a job for so much time. Part-time writers earn little money by working part-time. After the record number comes out. The best things happen when you are going to sleep at once. I turned on the computer and saw that I sold a cell phone. I feel very excited to make money, everyone said I was accidentally. Then a month, I have a day to spell the original plus the chain, resulting in nothing a month. At that time, I promised my girlfriend and my parents a lot. How can I go back and tell them?.

work is very simple, very relaxed, that is, a little pressure. Do Wangzhuan help for the future work is certainly there, but also a positive impact, so the novice don’t in front of a few months on the road did not earn what money Wangzhuan think what have a harvest, in fact this is a wrong attitude, make new comment must believe "no pay will have harvest" this sentence, although sometimes the harvest is not money


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