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two, the chain of garbage caused by excessive weight decreased by

chain has become an object of website crackdown, especially Scindapsus two generation algorithm, is put forward higher requirements on the chain of high quality, not only the chain itself has high weights of attributes, the best is the chain from high weight on the site, the chain also has correlation then the correlation and the chain content itself, not easy to leave a chain or chain of the anchor text in the high weight website on it, if it is not able to play a positive role but also counterproductive, so once the Shanghai dragon optimization workers through these simple external the construction of the chain, even once considered the Gao Quanzhong site outside the chain, this may be your website weight drop fuse.

, a website collecting content too much, easily lead to sudden drop

The rubbish

many times through the website of Shanghai dragon can in a very short period of time will be the site of the ranking make up, but want to maintain this website ranking, the difficulty is very high, and this is now a lot of network marketing to avoid the problem of the network marketing team tend to see how long it takes the website ranking row to the first page, but not to maintain long-term home, unless some website home page snapshot will appear on the home page, this is actually because in a short time to truly enhance the website weight and be able to stay long in the difficulty is very high, so these marketing teams are often not able to ensure the.

website is to fuse website weight decreased dramatically, such as pig several times before revision, not only let the pig ranking a general decline, but also greatly reduces the degree of user experience, become widely criticized for negative education "

most of the time, the webmaster to enrich and expand the site itself by no ground for blame collection content, but if a website is a whole collection of these contents, although in the early with the love Shanghai site was included, the content of the website will continue to increase, and with the richness of website content included the more natural, can make a web site can enhance the weight, but the weight is extremely precarious, it is easy to love with the Shanghai algorithm innovation will be the first hit website group, such as before the release of the spark plan and love Shanghai pomegranate two generation algorithm and so on original content put forward higher requirements, so once the garbage content inside the website more easily which site is down right.

then a site weight and ranking why can not stable? Of course in addition to the optimization factors of the site itself, also includes the continuous adjustment algorithm with respect to love Shanghai, love Shanghai, for the webmaster friends, from our own perspective, has certain practical significance and stable website ranking, research the strategy proposed in this paper is from the perspective of their continuous improvement and stable website weight strategy.

website weight

three, the website frequently


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