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competitors or other related brand was as navigation type search keywords when is a chance, if you search for other people’s brand name or the main keywords, our website in a row before the location, then you can get good traffic. In the traditional field of this is breaking the law and morality, but in the bidding advertising, you can use some keywords to bid, and for the natural search results, as long as you don’t take deception, then there is no problem. And many webmaster do, put others brand on its website name, or do a lot to others as the brand name of the external links and the anchor text, let your website to the top. For example, small game sites have a lot of people do with 7k7k anchor text for the chain, the purpose is to search the word of his people, the site has a good position.


website search according to different purposes, can be divided into three categories, including navigation class keywords, keywords and key trading information. The nature of the site in different decision to use different ways of promotion, this paper today and you talk in detail in the next article navigation key, and share trading information of keywords and keywords.

navigation Keywords

navigation with

navigation key

well, this paper here, through three aspects to share with you in the navigation keywords, website promotion, pay special attention to the navigation key, because with the development of the website, the brand awareness gradually increased, more and more people access to your site, and will go to search brand keywords, we must ensure that the user in the search, our website can.

navigation can also be understood as the brand keywords, it refers to the user in the search for a specific site, he knew he wanted to go to any website, but can not remember a specific URL or not to enter the URL, so in the search engine will directly enter the brand name or brand associated with a particular word, in general in the search engine ranking is the user wants to site. For example, the figure is Admin5 navigation daily search volume keywords roughly.

What is the key of

users search keywords to navigation are generally very clear, often is the search for the brand name or the most relevant words, through research found that the navigation flow is all about keywords accounted for 10% of traffic, this is not a small proportion. Every day in Shanghai in search of noble love baby or Goolge search for love Shanghai have a lot of proportion, I also often in Shanghai in search of noble love baby, because the latter is too long. There is a similar situation for many users, will not enter the URL of the website if the target is too long, just looking directly through the search engine. So when your brand is search, web site in the first row is necessary, otherwise the flow or trust will be discounted.

Keywords The characteristics of

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