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most of the webmaster all know home cannot change, especially the title and keyword, but many webmaster is a rookie level, first set the title and keyword is not accurate, suddenly found some problems of how to optimize the site title after one or two months, this time don’t have scruples, fear of falling love in Shanghai right ah, K station, to be bold to change, the best course of, don’t change after try! I stood at the start of two months, the title changed 4 times, until now I feel it is the real choice of the (because I am not the level, everyone laughed). Although it is not friendly to search engines, but if you don’t let love Shanghai drop that one right, with the keywords of inaccurate positioning to do love Shanghai home is also a very difficult. It is recommended that you see, think, if there is a problem with the title now found, immediately changed, don’t care about that weight, that is to consider the long-term site.

2. is not suitable for the title of the page keywords, don’t worry about most.


because the core competitive pressure is relatively large, so many owners choose to start from the long tail keywords ranking (for our industry, not to mention the index, motionless in the 5000+), I also tried a long tail word. Because the civil service written examination has ended, now the focus shifted to the civil service interview, the company urgently need to flow, I decided to choose.

mix for a long time in the A5, have seen many webmaster write articles, are very insightful, I also wrote two papers, but some are about to adhere to the Shanghai dragon crap. Civil servants know more than the education website over the net for two months, from the actual I summed up a set of his own theory, but also to share with you today, I hope useful for you novice webmaster. I hope A5 can share

1. home can not just look at the index, if not simply rely on advertising to make money, so the conversion rate is must be considered.

3. link to the home page, this is a lot easier to make mistakes.


began to take over the station, the Shanghai index and love just use the drop-down box to select some key words, of course, also observed keywords some competitors, anyway, the careless. Later I more and more understand (especially some articles ZAC), when the keyword, you should consider the value of a word, but not casual casual setting. For example, our website is actually on the training of civil servants, the civil service interview training profit, then you at home if the civil service written is not has little meaning? Of course, this word is also valuable, but as can be imagined, search the word many users just want to have a try out or write notes, really will be reported to participate in the training class about 1%, the civil service interview training transformed the word generation rate is very high, so the word should be placed on a web page title to do word.

The Keywords

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