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but this is only the first, then the user must also pass the examination content. Since the search engine the original content included or give good ranking, it is the default content needs of users, allowing users to see the priority. After the visitors see the content, will generally be, click browse, or other content to the web, the search engine user behavior are clearly visible, and will make a record, after a period of time will be the statistical analysis of the data, to judge whether the user really love these contents. If the bad behavior of users on the site visitors in the original content, such as click rate, jump out rate, short residence time and so on, the search engine will think the original content has no value, users do not need to. Then is to remove or reduce the rankings included.

it is worth optimizing personnel problems, especially for some medical sites but also to reflect on. After several rounds of updating love Shanghai medical website K have been injured all over the body. According to the medical website serious plagiarism phenomenon, many in the medical industry have concluded that the original problem of website content, and vigorously promote original. But the reality is that many medical website editors not only medical origin, general information editing staff, to write about the original medical easier said than done. The result is that now there are more and more of the original with a medical theme: touch >

"love love Shanghai more unique original content, if the content of your site is the collection from everywhere and a copy, it may not be included in the love of Shanghai." Love Shanghai official has many similar to the original content that has been repeatedly remind the webmaster to provide a large number of original content, and resolutely crack down on acquisition phenomenon. In the webmaster, master for the original content also stressed rotten! So many website optimization is mustering the strength to build the original code to.

in my opinion, those who have worked so hard to build the original code blind brothers love Shanghai may be fooled, or pay too much attention to love Shanghai. Original content is easy to be loved in Shanghai included, but no user demand of the original is garbage. Because if the original no user demand, although Shanghai included love quickly, but removed faster, the life cycle is very short.

but the effect of the original blind making really good? The original online is very scarce resources, love Shanghai love, may soon be included, but often good times don’t last long.

to their content on the Internet forever and have ranking, must go through two evaluation. The first assessment is the search engine for the preliminary assessment of the uniqueness of the content, the second is the user’s evaluation. Original content is a scarce resource for the love of Shanghai, on the Internet is what there is little or no. The love of Shanghai is very welcome to the contents of the one and only, will soon be included, even can get good rankings in a relatively short period of time, make it easier for users to see. Do this step, you have passed the first examination.

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