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1) with commercial words (the money keywords) as the chain anchor text is too high proportion may be one of the main reasons being punished. Not affected by similar sites tend to website brand name (not the name of the commodity, is the name of your website) as anchor text links to the largest proportion. For example, the reeds贵族宝贝 website, with reeds as the anchor text link is very few, but to d>

Shanghai dragon


May 22nd (U.S. time, China time is the number 23) Matt Cutts announced on his blog, Penguin 2 has been on the line. All kinds of text search are affected, and the algorithm updates are on the line, the different characters affected by the proportion of 2.3% of the English search query is affected. This is the fourth time Penguin update algorithm is not updated, data refresh (algorithm unchanged, but the data link, according to the new algorithm, so re calculated) noble baby internally called Penguin2.0. Actually, second times (May 24, 2012) and third (October 5, 2012) is probably the data refresh.

although only 2.3% queries affected, but the Shanghai dragon Er feel may not the same, because they are mainly concerned with the Shanghai Phoenix commercial relatively strong words, called money words, and these words are affected by the high degree of optimization, the ratio should be much higher.

LinkResearchTools analysis of 3 sites: reeds贵族宝贝, cheapoair贵族宝贝 and The analysis is very long, I see three posts for more than an hour, interested to see the full text can click on the front of the original link. Below is a list of their main conclusions:

SearchMetrics is a statistical monitoring data of them within 24 hours, a list of 25 most affected sites:

was affected by the large loss of natural search traffic is more than 50%, the loss is not small. I was not affected by what, because several early used slightly too technique English station as early as the first Penguin update (April 24, 2012) will be punished all a hideous mess…

are more concerned about Penguin 2 must be punished what kind of website? What kind of this link was convicted of cheating? Affected by analysis of the above links you can know the answer, some people have done this work, we look at the shelf on the line.

May has run out, finally returned to singapore. During on-line, the biggest news Shanghai dragon industry than the long-awaited and do not want to see the noble baby Penguin 2 algorithm update.

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