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, the first by critics: now many critics network users more and more popular, sometimes a movie audience is not only the gorgeous appearance, it is passed to our faith and spirit through the movie, so users need to share, to express, need a professional platform for discussion, so we the chance will come. Can make a platform for users to share, also can through the mature film critic website, in the process of advertising through the soft way, this effect is most likely to make the trust of users, bring traffic flow is the highest quality.


second, the ranking is a most important direction, the website can automatically obtain very good directional flow through Shanghai dragon, and ranking up can maintain a longer time in the choice of keywords, can be placed with the core keywords related long tail keywords on the home page, so can see some benefits in a short period of time. In the keyword ranking on the one hand, I will not repeat, in general is that external links and internal chain, let the update timing after. In this regard, many owners have a veteran, but also their strengths.

third, Post Bar attention: personal feeling than some Post Bar forum also fun, there are wonderful content very much, to do the movie software CPA webmaster, Post Bar is a good place, can be inside wonderful posts with pictures, can also insert some short videos, or write your own true critic, of course these contents, must be interspersed with their ads, even the vest can read their own brand name or the promotion of the website. Post Bar to flow is very high, as long as the right method, it is very easy to see the effect. But when posting or discussion, could not make people feel you are in advertising.

fourth, the long tail word: do the long tail word there are two main methods, one is through its own website, two is the high weight of the platform. But in general is that the drainage, the method used by many people, and now is still in use. Is to write out the quick release of the film, when so many people will find your site search. But your website weight is not high it is difficult to have a ranking, so can make use of the horizon, love Shanghai, Soso Ask, or some portal site blog, through these platforms, to flow into your site. This should not be underestimated, the effect is very ideal.

many webmaster in CPA advertising, there are complaints that the advertisement is not easy to do, but also do a lot of good webmaster, read their articles, often the harvest is not small. Whether it is placed from the station advertising position or advertisement setting skills, and regardless of station flow, there are in order to obtain greater benefits. No advertising position or click rate on the key here today and share some of the film is obtained if the target station software flow of high quality.

fifth, through the soft Wen: on the last through the soft Wen, also feel.

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