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site navigation. Site navigation is the main channel for users to quickly understand the site structure and layout, is an important channel to search engine spiders crawling into the content page. In the king’s era, web sites do not require a large picture too much and Flash, otherwise it is not conducive to improving the site open speed and loading. Generally speaking, the best use of the site navigation text links and tree structure and so on, and make each page join times navigation, to facilitate the user experience and in accordance with the rules of search engine optimization.

site title. Whether it is title or website content title, timely reflect the best keywords, note that the keyword delimiter, such as love Shanghai general _ [] or []. [], Google, or [-] or spaces, and the main title keyword use [], or [-], [Key words between []], or _ etc..

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, 3. Keyword search is an important basis for the. Keyword should be comprehensive, accurate and diverse all keywords with, the content of the website and the title of the key word is the best time to one or a can, must pay attention to prevent and prevent keyword stuffing update of keywords and content exactly the same. In addition, mining and the set of keywords must also be combined with site positioning, market demand, competition situation and user experience selection and layout, and more precise long tail keywords construction and updating etc..


now there are many online about improving site included and ranking method in the article, everyone is well written, but on this issue belongs to a commonplace talk of an old scholar. But for many web site optimization of Shanghai Longfeng novice, articles are too time-consuming, here is the Zhengzhou Raiders method _ music technology company website summed up a concise version of the website to improve collection and ranking, please reference, hope to help.

4, ALT tag. Because the search engine spiders cannot completely identify the picture, so the ALT tag is added in the picture of the source code in order to search. The ALT tag main role is to tell what is the main search engine of this image to express the general, the article title plus, most with a keyword, do not have a large number of keyword stuffing. In addition, before add to the picture of ALT tag, we ensure the best picture of the high definition, medium size, and content matching, and website correlation and the user experience is improved.

in the chain optimization. The chain generally refers to the contents of the page link, is a key content in the hyperlinks to related web page content. This requires that we must appear in the website content in key chain optimization are used as internal keyword anchor text and point to the pages of the best variety, to prevent excessive optimization. The chain optimization should be based on the user experience, how users can do.

, a station optimization: good internal strength, need more attention to keep the weight of the station.

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