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information architecture to the spider crawling

information architecture (Information Architecture), referred to as IA, the information architecture is a factor and module must pay attention to in many systems. It is small to the site, to the system, either directly or indirectly related to information architecture. System information architecture including the label, navigation, search etc.. Each module and the Shanghai dragon has a very close relationship. So the information architecture must know a lot about Shanghai dragon, and a qualified Shanghai dragon of information architecture should also have sufficient grasp.

information architecture, I think many owners have access to, but may not have very in-depth study. Have been watching this information, I feel it is helpful for Shanghai Longfeng, especially large sites, need to fully included cannot do without scientific link system, and solve the problem of information architecture can be very good. So today I have these data to summarize and share with you, please also criticized the shortcomings.

information architecture for Shanghai dragon who is mainly around the internal links and, when the content of the website page when enough, the effect is more intense internal links. We can say good internal links to the Shanghai dragon is laid the foundation. On the other hand, there are enough pages when not every page on the external links, this time the most important is to grasp the inner chain, "

is usually a lot of B2C or C2C will be classified very much, some things in accordance with the default from A-Z index, this is the information in the framework of "precise organization system"; and this system includes not only the alphabetical index, and in daily life by date, a person can be determined, released the way of organization. Familiar Chinese website, is in accordance with the retrieval way. For the website, the Shanghai dragon, according to this structure can well attract spider, everything in good order and well arranged a large site, because if the URL is too large, it is easy to fall into the endless loop. Use a logical classification, can effectively solve this problem.

information architecture allows website compiled into

information architecture of chain


we all know that a website is composed of numerous URL, each URL is a node, if the node Association, consisting of a net, is not an easy thing. If the site is small, the content itself is not much, so relatively easy. But for the hundreds of hundreds of thousands, millions of level ", this is not easy. We will go to the reasonable use of information organization structure, increase the whole network density, only the net more reasonable, can let the spider crawling, which included more pages. For example, our website, hot list, correlation usually recommend are the same role.

What is the information architecture of

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