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!Search engine optimization

second stages: at this time we must continue to make your site rankings, many websites this will naturally compete in the Internet world, is a basic rule of law of the jungle, the site is like riding, if not for the competition, so there is no way to make the website ranking optimization. This stage of the competition, the website will have the following characteristics of

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is a snapshot update speed is very fast, the next day you can snapshot update, content quality and the quality of the chain, and even be able to do the snapshot can update; two is the stage of the website ranking fluctuate widely, this stage is the stage of the construction site outside the chain to the site, the weight change speed very quickly this, naturally cause rankings change very quickly; three is the stage of the content page ranking will also appear very likely to float, today’s long tail content page ranking, and tomorrow is not, at this time as Shanghai Longfeng workers don’t panic, the key thing to do is to increase the content of high quality and high quality the chain of

: This is the first stage of the initialization stage, this period is the period of the new search engine website, usually love to Shanghai to inspect the strict inspection, Google search engine will be more relaxed, this time on the site’s home page will give priority to the webmaster is included, encouragement, for content rarely included, ranking is also do not know, a mirage and insubstantial objects, search engine spiders are rarely visited, the optimization is mainly to optimize the site code, update the content quantitative timing chain, a little every day, of course, the quality of the chain to the high point of the optimization stage is to spend nearly a month’s time, if you in order to carry out rapid profit through the website, then I would suggest that you not to do the webmaster of this industry, because it is basically impossible! When your site Through the assessment period, you will find that your website will have a good ranking

do most of the optimization of Shanghai dragon energy will be placed on the search engine optimization, search engine optimization usually has three stages, below we have a simple analysis of the three stages of

third phase: during this period the website ranking is stable, the website weight is also quite good, the core keywords inside the home page ranking to the front, relative ranking floating is not very large, this time to increase the construction site of the long tail keywords, included more web content, optimize the entire station also need to do at this time, the overall flow maximization! Of course content and the construction of the chain is not less, which is the premise of website ranking stable


three stage looks very simple, but really do optimization when there will be a lot of things to do, but if properly optimized and may be search engine punishment, visible Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not so simple things, but when we optimize if there is a theoretical basis then, we can know what to do and what not to do, let yourself go a little.

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