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by car seat modified 贵族宝贝langfangzhongde贵族宝贝 original starting A5, reproduced retain links, thank you.

webmaster must also have this idea, see a lot of website home page and no love Shanghai people to maintain and release the chain, but still ranked in the home page, this website is usually the old station, the accumulation of love Shanghai trust, the author make an example, such as an Internet company from the start you with the boss and see, now the company to do more and more, but also attracted a lot of people have the ability, but their position and salary are not high, is very simple, because you have been in the fight with the boss over the years, this is all you deserve. Baidu too, for those old station will still give special care, this is new for less than the.


13 annual mother launched a large area decontamination algorithm Scindapsus garbage information network, and for the external chain is more and more strict, the webmaster is not difficult to find, now we send these platform requirements is relatively high, such as a maximum of not more than 3 days, the content can not repeat, the title can not be repeated no, with the anchor text, these are in love with the sea since the introduction of some changes after Scindapsus algorithm.

so the owners need how to do outside the chain of

platform? How to select the


I suggest webmaster launch platform B2B platform, information classification, authoritative forum, quiz, favorites, blog, library, Douding love Shanghai, it still has a certain role in writing platform, if the owners can also write some good literary articles to the site for release, once the chain is reproduced webmaster increase the number is also very impressive.

on the outside of the chain can really make the ranking on the homepage? Sure there are many owners do not believe that Baidu is against the outside of the chain, want to get the ranking is more difficult, in fact, love Shanghai against the chain is only for those who refuse to fight outside the chain, and the chain weight on the website of the have a great effect on the ranking. See how to use the modified car seat chain do love Shanghai home.

car seat modified stationmaster advise you of the chain is not necessarily original, but the owners must ensure that the chain content in 60% of the original, and the same article only once, to ensure that the paragraph is clear, the title and content.

links platform is very important, if you choose the platform are posted on the forum poster that does not have what effect, I suggest webmaster can according to industry to determine the release platform, such as the auto industry can find some related platform for publishing, not casually suggest stationmaster issued by the chain, this is the role played very small, not by platform involvement, such as Bibi paste was Baidu uprooted, will certainly affect the part of the webmaster website.

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