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chain construction is an important factor in the success of the website, the website quality, search ranking how much depends on the chain performance, of course, for the construction of the chain of the importance of the author, there is no need to argue, as we all know, but when you really operate the chain, often have a a sea feeling, do not know where to start, Beckham is a novice website, but in the construction of the chain on the summary of the three step strategy, share out hope that we do not spray.

: the construction of the chain

The first step of

finally, the chain is diverse. The construction of the chain need to pay attention to a wide range of sources, diversification. Because in my opinion, the construction of the chain method is The more, the better. Because it will make the site in the eyes of spiders is more natural, pure non site to do optimization. At the same time, so we should ensure that the construction of the chain need to meet the two points: (1) the chain from different PR pages, while Google withdrew from the China market, but completely ignored Google’s role is not wise. Then the influence factors of PR in the construction of the chain in it can not be neglected. But until now there are still some new Adsense too obsessed with PR high site links, in my view, the construction of the chain should be gradual, not a new station outside the chain are all high PR value, it will make the spider think that your site in cheating; (2) the chain must be different from IP>

about the skill of constructing the chain, here I do not directly say, but ask you a few questions from the side, if these questions we are doing very well, so the chain construction is not a problem.

second, the chain construction can be regarded as a high quality. A rarity, it is used in the construction of the chain on the chain is more difficult to change to the fact of higher value, because the chain construction more difficult, outbound links will be less, more weight will be distributed to friends stand for our help, of course more. As for the chain that should pay attention to the patient, the site for the chain of demand must not only stay in quantity, to know the spider for some low quality or the chain is useless to periodically delete, it will cause the decline of the number of Web site keywords ranking and the chain dropped in the invisible, no good for the development of the site. So when the construction of the chain must have a clear understanding on the website of the other side, weight, included how, have not been punished as these may affect their own factors of the quality of the chain should be considered.

first look at whether the chain can make accurate flow. In fact, we can understand that we should ensure that the relevance of the chain, such as I do cross stitch, then I need to provide and finished cross stitch site exchange links, we have to make sure that the related links page and the anchor text surrounding text, as to how to determine whether there was no correlation between the two. The idea is to see who is the target customer, if the target customers, so is the related website.

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