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third, this is our most skeptical, several websites like us, is down right, just down the right time earlier than us, I suspect we are involved, the immediate removal of these site

3 site, is right down the

is the reason?

hard to do 3 months of website, a few keywords love Lu’an Housing Network (Lu’an real estate network, Lu’an second-hand housing, rent in Lu’an, in addition to other long tail) are in Shanghai love home page top, but August 29th is a nightmare of the day. All rankings in dozens of after all. This sudden situation, so we are very surprised. Have we been drop right? Very anxious, we must calm down, to find the cause, treatment immediately. Our analysis is as follows:

fourth, we still think it’s a good coincidence.

due to the site itself is not cheating, if this is the case, we have to deal with.


2, love Shanghai extension personnel are absolutely do not offend

The maintenance of ?Links

in this remind everybody make friends

5, whether there is malicious adversary website snapshot complaints led to

as of the morning of August 31st, we ranked 70 in the ranking of a few a few back to the front page. But not as high as before. Some of the long tail fell off. No way, can return to have good, the weight of things or to come slowly.

4, the website must maintain.

3, the chain must not be too concentrated, will be scattered.

the first question, because we have already begun to Monday and Tuesday to go to work, the content quickly updated, and in recent weeks the same weekend to work overtime

1, 27 and 28, because our maintenance staff did not work, the content of the website is not updated, whether

4, because the day before love extension in Shanghai call, we also wonder whether because of love and Shanghai to promote the artificial intervention.

second, after all TUI18 post snapshot still, questions should not be particularly large, and we have more powerful Links support, moreover, our forum and the chain is dispersed into several, should eliminate this problem

1, Links must not be careless, always check the

2, TUI18 28 on the evening of the site can not be opened, we have a lot of the chain in the above, whether due to loss of the chain of

fifth, there are also some possible, but will not lead to such a serious drop right. We re submitted a complaint, the website ranking will be presented with

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