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Beijing, April (2) (IT channel Zhang Sinan) with the continuous expansion of the scale of the electricity supplier, fakes, prices and other issues are also emerging. Recently, the new channel IT joint digital 100 market research firm launched an investigation, more than 60% of respondents said they had bought fake. While Taobao, Tmall became the most popular online shopping fake e-commerce platform, reaching 76.9% and 16.1%. In addition, in the aspect of selling electricity supplier, nearly 40% of respondents believe that the business platform of lax supervision led to the proliferation of fakes.

with the development of the mobile Internet and the continuous expansion of the scale of the electricity supplier, fake, price and other issues are subject to many consumers. So, whether the users in the online shopping process to buy a fake, fakes up to what business platform? 67.9% of users said to buy a fake show Beijing IT channel survey data, but to buy a fake most business platform for Taobao, the proportion reached 49%. Digital 100 market research firm survey results show that in the most popular online shopping fake electronic business platform voting, Taobao accounted for 76.89%, ranking first, Tmall accounted for more than 16.1%, ranking in the top second. Jingdong, Amazon, accounted for 6%, 5.6%, 4.7%,, the United States also occupy a certain proportion, therefore, in the hearts of friends, online shopping and selling platform has become common.


new network IT channel survey data

obviously, the problem of fake online shopping has not changed the consumer online shopping habits. IT channel and digital 100 market research firm survey data show that nearly 60% of respondents maintained at least once a month online shopping frequency. The survey data of 100 digital market research company showed that 3.3% of respondents said that in the online shopping will no longer choose to fake online shopping, 96.7% of respondents would still choose online shopping, which has 20.4% of the respondents in the online shopping to fake online shopping, while not giving up, but will choose another business platform.

and IT channel survey data show that after the online shopping to fake, 32.1% of respondents will continue to online shopping, although the respondents will continue to purchase online, but will choose another electricity supplier or merchant. 10.7% of respondents said they would give up online shopping, go to the store to buy the line.


digital 100 market research firm

in addition, in the "selling electricity supplier, who had been" on the issue, 38.83% of respondents said the fake problem is mainly business platform lax supervision led digital display data 100 Market Research company. 32.8% of respondents believe that the store and platform are responsible, while 22.50% of the respondents to the store for selling the main reason. On this issue, the survey results show that IT channel, 55.2% of respondents believe that the electricity supplier platform >

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