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extra ~ extra! In January 11, 2017, Chengdu Zero Information Technology Co. Ltd. sent great news, preparations for the long run has been through the beta version, is now fully on-line, officially open to all run errands delivery team



this exciting news, we have zero internal team full out, with the background of managers, businesses and staff, staged a [] who run demonstration activities in the area near the Yingbin avenue.

company division role



distribution waiting to grab a single


delivery staff to send a single


delivery team to complete a single


Short of logistics distribution management system

as a service delivery team, run errands, takeaway business team, who run the use of Internet technology to effectively reduce the cost of the interaction in the process of delivery, reasonable conservation in orders, and recorded a single with a single, clearing operation in wasted time, greatly improving the efficiency of distribution.

Improvement and optimization of the new version of

run in function, and the design and planning of the page, there are changes is very intuitive, can bring better distribution for team management, all businesses and delivery service experience.

see here, dear, do you have a heartbeat?

welcome to download

(long by two-dimensional code identification download)

merchant side download the latest version of


distribution client download the latest version of the


if you need to experience or use, can be directly downloaded as long as the two-dimensional code download; in addition, before the old version of the recharge has been running, you can help us to open a new version of the fast runner. Two sets can be used simultaneously. Need to be synchronized to the old system to the new version of the time to run the above in a timely manner after the sale of Wang Qi oh.

recharge after the new version of the run, will not affect the use of the old version of the runner!

city distribution scheduling management system supplier run public number: keloop

runner distribution system official website:


runner WeChat two-dimensional code

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