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in the eyes of many entrepreneurs and marketing experts, network marketing is just a lot of marketing theory, it is more and more important marketing tool. People with this idea are doomed to be unable to keep up with and embrace the Internet age, they will be eliminated in the new round of competition.

in the past, the concept of marketing consulting, tools, methods in the era of the Internet need to be updated and not just another new marketing tools.

at this point, the traditional marketing consulting firm still seems to hold their own in the former "brilliant experience." still hold information asymmetry, still think that now consumers in the "passive" information, still believe that as long as on the CCTV or a media for the liberation of the whole Chinese……

on the new situation they obviously underestimated, and the network marketing touched the doorway, although aware of the network marketing will be the trend, but still unable to make the concept of network.

network marketing will give birth to a new leader in marketing consulting

Xiao Shenyang

as closely linked to the videotape era pulse, standing in Zhao Benshan’s "opposite" and has become a new generation of "king of comedy", the network marketing marketing consulting industry will also change the rules of the game, and the new overlord marketing consulting industry is not necessarily follow the trend of the "Huang Hong", and must be young and deep network survival of young marketing experts. In the era of network game rules and the traditional rules of the game are quite different, no one can out of an era and survive, but no one can across the two age, just as Kodak is dominant in the film era, but in the digital era had to be eliminated the same face. Many of the old marketing consulting industry can not embrace the Internet era, because the bones of ideas and experience so that they can not.

imagine, when the use of network marketing to help aiyaya sangdoo "destroy" a lot of salesman, and can use a lower cost, faster time to set up the national distribution network, 3 year annual sales of 8 hundred million, many of the traditional marketing experts fear the heart must have panic.

network marketing standardization can scale

network marketing than traditional marketing is the biggest benefit effect, can be standardized, accurate, because the network world has become flat, many intermediate links are complex saves, many brands and consumers distance is just a mouse distance. Let the network marketing truly "digital", which is also a traditional marketing and "opposite" place, network marketing can through technology to achieve the "standardization", and the scale, many network marketing companies in just a few years or even billions of dollars in revenue that is listed on this truth.

said annual service well is a typical case.

first, sangdoo assist selected Baidu PPC and aiyaya SEO, according to the analysis of potential customers well sangdoo understanding and search habits, screened nearly more than 1 thousand long tail keywords, to attract potential join a >

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