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tight entrance has come to an end, in this process there may be a surprise, disappointment, there is bitterness, there are many things worth pondering, may see the topic very familiar in the exam, I can’t remember how to do, you will ask yourself why the flat carefully in mind if? Had to go look for now is not so embarrassed ah, but say what is the use? Not or not, who can not help you, I think the local college entrance examination attraction lies in its mysterious, it is fair (what other unspoken rule is not inside). To have a result, efforts can enter a good university, life may therefore change, how can the college entrance examination in senior high school entrance examination of good results, I think the most important is that the usual Taobao, as with the college entrance examination, you will make more effort than others, the novice sellers should do?.


a shop before the preview

We may

in the beginning of the shop are told how Taobao can make money in a "huge" under the temptation of money and hurried to join Taobao army, the Taobao business about the situation, many people are not willing to go to Yahuo, feel that the risk is too big, so do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to join the consignment, spend money and have not thought about what time to earn back? So I think the novice seller in the shop before should first have a preliminary understanding of Taobao, this is what I call the "Preview", at least we can know the "bad teacher this occupation is not the occupation, there can be the psychological preparation met how to deal with it, only to prepare, in the future development of it does not seem very difficult, but not blindly follow the trend, Taobao is to make money, and Taobao Up to now many achievements in the rich, but not everyone can earn money, only responsible for their own, carefully prepared people to a career, like students, only do the preview, can be targeted to the class, it is more effect.

two, shop after class

We estimated

asked me, I opened a shop, all tired, also lectures, I shop to make money, I learned so much to do, can you eat? Besides, I go to lectures? Classes? Is not worthwhile, in fact you should know it. "There are Taobao" this sort of thing. From my observation, I think now the novice sellers there are more than 80% of all sales, so shop decoration and baby shelves businesses are ready, but you have not thought about, you’re not a business agent, do you think he would be very serious to the decoration to the shops? Will consider the baby up and down time frame? You will give you the optimization title, waiting for him to get you the shop you think you can make money? Asked may have few people to ask, Taobao university there were a lot of shop decoration, upload baby, baby on the shelf time course optimization and adjustment and the like, look carefully you can make novice seller many detours, last night there is a novice seller let me >

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