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December 12th we set off at six in the morning to Zhengzhou to attend the first meeting of Henan network. To Zhengzhou after a simple breakfast began to decorate the hall.

found a problem: booth repeat. Layout found that someone has occupied our booth.

found the problem two: customers do not actively participate in, despite the booth duplication, but fortunately can the morning call can’t come today. These have their own web site customers do not have their own website when things will not focus on promotion. In the exhibition will not find the presence of many businesses or.

layout of the exhibition hall I began to visit the exhibition to collect information.

found the problem three: exhibition items placed in disorder, not enough attention to consultants. Especially there are many businesses began a game in the afternoon when people increasingly scarce.

found four problems: no well prepared promotional materials, I saw a lot of people are hurrying to the name card and promotional materials did not prepare enough, there is like one of our clients for the past, now the change information, to give customers an explanation question.

found five problems: because we bring exhibitors is not sell products in Jiaozuo Huaiyao is come into contact with the network, the client we need in the side give an irrelevant answer, explain it to the customer.

but this exhibition also let me see a lot of opportunities, because information asymmetry gave me a lot of opportunities. There are quietly on behalf of the network delivery warming. Zhengzhou is the Central Plains region of the distribution of goods, commodity types and commodity prices have great opportunities for competition. We do how to traditional businesses docking? This is an important question to get involved in e-commerce network platform, people must think about.

Jiaozuo city network original

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