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recently, my friend started an enterprise website construction company, let me help to receive some customers. Therefore, the business owners often ask me: how much money to do a commercial website can not be cheap, to be honest, for such a problem, I really bad answer. Do a specific site to invest much money, in fact, the need for specific analysis of specific things.

website, people spend hundreds of thousands of people have cost thousands of!! some people spend hundreds of dollars now! Admin5 wrote, just to write a written form by the cost of website construction is also introduced, for the majority of enterprise website construction company as a public service pay. I do not, if any of the analysis is not satisfactory, we hope to give criticism, I must accept modestly.

to do a commercial site in the end what money to spend, how much money we look at:

, choose the most simple construction way: buy a host space, to be an established program, and then buy an appropriate domain name, this is a few hundred dollars can fix things, this is the most simple input.

two, choose the more complex exquisite construction way: buy a virtual space or VPS virtual server hosting, have established procedures, need to take some effort with minor modifications, to buy a domain name, buy a few sets of software for making fine advertising, so total cost between 3000-7000.

basically, the above two can not be regarded as a normal business website construction, more like a personal website construction, but also can be used as a commercial website.

three, the entry-level business website construction: the purchase of server hosting, hiring programmers (junior programmer monthly salary of 3000), hire customer service (monthly salary of 1500-2000). Procedures to be targeted to build a process, and to buy some online advertising, so that tens of thousands of funds is bound to invest. In this case, the rest of the work is basically to carry out the corresponding product business, appropriate publicity and manuscript editing.

four, the general level of commercial website construction: the purchase of a server hosting, server requirements can be resolved at the same time CDN or do intelligent analysis, recruitment programmers, artists, editors and customer service personnel. A program for the scheme of the website, and the purchase of advertising network to promote the right, in accordance with the operation of business rules, so need to invest tens of thousands of early under normal circumstances.

five, commissioned by the experienced network company, the network company basically arranged all the website development technology and page art (including website program, space, domain name, email, technical maintenance, website templates and outsourcing functions), business owners are responsible for the content of the web site maintenance and operation. In this case, generally tens of thousands or 100 thousand up and down, business owners can find a good network company. When you select the company also need to pay particular attention to the technical strength of the company, it is best to look at some of the company’s customer case. < >

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