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shop boss, always want to consider the following things: what to sell? How to find sources? How to promote the lowest cost?

in order to draw some valuable conclusions, the home network ( combined with the actual experience of more than 2 years of network store made a summary, give newcomers a lesson". The three problem is too big, today on the first question some wise remark of an experienced person.

first, let’s look at how others choose to sell what?

is typical of foreign e-commerce and Amazon EBAY.

founder Bezos of Amazon’s view is: "the most powerful weapon in the real world store is the location, location, location; and the most important for the online business is technology, technology, technology." This guiding ideology since the date of the creation of the Amazon Co has been constantly stressed, directly led to the continuous improvement of the high-tech content of the amazon. Today’s Amazon, is not a purely to sell books and CD based online retailers. In fact, Amazon is through technical means, at an unprecedented rate into a technology company.

EBAY is his founder Pierre Omidyar · in a chat, love collecting PEZ toys candy box (the United States in a toy doll head will pop up candy toys) girlfriend said to him: "if you can collect more PEZ toys, candy box, OK on the Internet and other like-minded people exchanges!" in order to achieve the fiancee’s dream, and test your programming level, Pierre spare bedroom, 95 years of labor day, Pierre officially made ", and named the auction network, wanpiao nature auction website was born.

We can

of the 2 in the thinking of solving the problem of selling what the Amazon CD is choosing books and there is some truth, selling things in the initial stage may need to consider the issue of logistics, payment, the 2 areas of logistics is relatively simple, the payment amount is not high, users can easily accept, for the cultivation of industry very valuable, as for profit, I think is very general, especially after entering the e-commerce growth period, competition leads to a price war, more profits will look down, I think Amazon is the direction of pioneering typical choice, he created an industry direction, he is considering selling what important points what is available on the web to sell, what can guide the sales network habit? But EBAY completely is the choice of the point of interest, the second-hand auction platform service, trading above him purely idle goods The sale of EBAY, the boss is second-hand trade, what is suitable for secondary trading in his platform to do, he did not deliberately choose a selling point, I think many people will want to do the shop because there is a channel of reality while entering the field.

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