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when you look at other people’s Web site, see the ad on the site, you will point?

1: if I don’t know if it’s an ad, if you’re interested in the subject, will you order


98% people answer I will point

2: if I knew it was an ad, would you be interested if I were interested in the subject?

13% people will answer me!


85% replied, "as long as I know it’s an ad, no matter how attractive it is to me, I’m not going to


is so popular in the Internet today, it is not clear whether the advertising is not how many people? Of course and type your site, if you do a webmaster oriented class website, ad click rate is very low, I believe that everyone has experience. So, when the customer asked me to do what kind of traffic station in order to rely on advertising revenue, I chose a type, that is just online gynecological website

considering this class browsing groups on the Internet is not very deep understanding, so it is easy to confuse the difference between advertising and advertising, and advertising price is relatively high, so we do for them such a scheme.

In fact,

, click on the advertising problem, rooted in the hearts of the people, a lot of people have a profit for others is not great, see others make money off the heart, although the money is not for you, but you see because of you, lead to money flowing into the pockets of others, it was very uncomfortable! Is the public mind! If the majority of the visitors, including their owners, have a broad mind, then each stationmaster income that will have a certain degree of improvement! Now take a look at the website advertising poor hits it, if it is a normal type of website, can maintain 1%-5% should be good! You do not mean that one click, easy and may also facilitate their own, let oneself broad-minded, will let you benefit from


saw the ads deliberately avoided the phenomenon is very serious in the network world, 85% of the people think that as long as the content is advertising, regardless of how attractive to me, I could see the statistics I won’t point, advertising is not a virus, there are things you need, and you use the search engine find what you need is the same, you are willing to go to those points for promotion, why not advertising? Heart twisted!

don’t find advertising, do not deliberately to avoid advertising, this is my point of view, I have always done this, if more and more people agree, then the majority of grassroots days there will be more or less a little to improve it, the extent of the increase may be slight, but there will always be better than now!