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more accurate tracking advertising

cookie by computer to track user preferences and behavior mode are outdated, a growing number of e-commerce sites started by only ID mobile phone and tablet and other mobile devices, users behavior more accurately track and push more suitable for advertising, and monitor the advertising effect. The future will be more pro gaze tracking method of mobile phone software or App, with Cloud Applications popular "cloud tracking" will not be too surprised.

personalized customer service, social media will replace the traditional customer service model

personalized customer service is an important investment in sustainable development of manufacturers – YAHOO finance CEO Mike Duke said.

e-commerce market competition is increasingly fierce, customer service will be more of a wide variety, replacement services and instant messaging services such as all-weather service, goods delivery day, more convenient support etc.. Consumers can communicate directly with the customer service staff, and not in the computer and the other end until the end, do not speak in front of the cold voice machine. And social media has become a direct dialogue between enterprises and consumers of the pipeline, and even replace the traditional customer service model. According to Nelson’s research, nearly half of Internet users prefer to contact the company through social media (software), and hope to get a response within an hour. Busy life makes consumers more and more impatient. Therefore, in addition to individual customer acquisition, but also emphasize immediacy, do not blink of an eye on the missed opportunities, how to use social media to provide more effective customer service will be a big challenge.

go go, more innovative marketing techniques have emerged

According to

, only 2% of people buy products when they visit the site for the first time. However, through the go, where to follow the ads advertising (retargeting), continue to remind users to browse the products and services, users can effectively become consumers. Therefore, in 2015 there will be more innovative, lower cost tracking marketing technology. For example, the only large companies with strong financial resources to develop affordable eye tracking technology, has been used by more and more small and medium-sized enterprises, advertisers to win in the fierce competition, must be more skilled use of follow-up ads more accurately identify potential customers.

heavy weight, content, big data at the same time!

network technology is developed, the amount of information is becoming increasingly large. Big data is an important basis for the prediction of market trend of media and e-commerce companies and important decision-making, so how to find the appropriate information in the massive data, and more accurate analysis will be the key to victory. In terms of the content of the site, the use of pictures and videos will be more frequent, the copy will be more emphasis on the effect of SEO.

web design more intuitive

because consumers often use different devices at the same time or alternatively, the web must be adapted to a variety of mobile devices