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B2C now built many sites, but more is to burn, B2C requires a very large investment to do, without a certain amount of money, simply can not do it, such as logistics, inventory, advertising, every project needs lots of funds, so to build a B2C website easily, barriers to entry very low, now ECShop, ExShop can help the base without technical webmaster quickly set up a B2C website, but how to operate a B2C website? This is not an easy thing, many B2C sites are due to momentary brain heat, so for the webmaster, finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, even from other companies that must have a fast growth strategy:

first, try to use existing C2C platform to train customer groups. It can learn from the library name shoes, through Taobao, pat, a platform for training the customer groups, customer service staff training, the platform has matured in our country, there are very good consumer groups, but also have a good reputation, use these platforms to cultivate their own strength is a good way to avoid the B2C website shell development.

second, make full use of various types of cooperation opportunities. For example, some well-known forum and forum in cooperation, organization of promotional activities, the use of cheap consumer psychology, product promotion, the opportunity of cooperation forum is very welcome, the user is also very welcome, but this kind of cooperation is often less than the cost of online and offline advertising costs, so it is widely used, mummy also try.

again, improve the site experience. There are many ways, at present most of the B2C website because it is using universal template structures, so the user experience is very similar, of course it is good, is familiar to users quickly, will not have a strange feeling, but the disadvantage is difficult from a number of B2C sites in the talent shows itself, but there are a lot of C2C website and their integrity has been very high, want to go beyond them is not an easy thing, so we should start from the perspective of experience, to create a personalized experience of B2C website, this is very important, but also the key to long-term development.

Other aspects of

, of course, for a B2C site, there are a lot of important things, such as the product of counterparts, the service is good, logistics information system, how to support the operation, these are basic conditions, is an important field of.

finally, I wish to operate B2C website owners can make a fortune. Source: Spicy mummy