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is selling crazy!"

recalls Taobao Mall (micro-blog) promotions Tmall last November 11th to zero singles, Wu ronghua still some excitement, now "singles day" is coming, it has become a fixture of Taobao mall promotion. As the general manager of textiles business, he prepared for 6 months for the "online shopping Carnival", 12 in the morning is the charge for a moment.

"singles" crazy, from the data we can see. According to data provided by Taobao: on November 11, 2010, sales of the top ranked Jack · Jones, textiles are more than 20 million transactions, followed by Lining, Bosideng, nanjiren, textile, etc. Motom mercury one-day turnover of more than 10 million. In addition to Adidas, Metersbonwe, JEANSWEST and other more than and 20 stores over 5 million. And in 2010, textiles sold one hundred million yuan of goods on the Internet, and one day in November 11, 2010, their sales accounted for the share of 1/5.

this explosive growth also let some textiles be taken by surprise. Wu Ronghua recalls: "we were only 20 customer service, the phone was ringing off the hook, Taobao Wangwang, QQ all is the only automatic reply too busy to attend to all."

customer service phone is off the hook, the logistics is also a thorny problem. Prepare goods from warehouse shipment, because the order is too big, Bo Yang textile warehouse was warehouse explosion, "but the seller warehouse warehouse explosion is just the beginning." Wu Ronghua said, "at that time, Shen Tong (micro-blog) every day can only have a maximum of 150 thousand pieces of goods, easy out of business delivery goods warehouse in transit warehouse to warehouse explosion".

Wu Ronghua and other logistics problems become the electricity supplier of their collective pain: on the one hand, customers buy things but to wait for the past two times or even longer time of receipt, which will damage the consumer’s shopping experience; but on the other hand, even if Taobao mall notify party logistics, logistics is difficult to improve, "certainly not because the day logistics company warehouse explosion and accelerate the upgrading of transit capacity, because normal operation does not need so much." Wu Ronghua said.

of course, customer service and logistics problems, Wu Ronghua and textiles are also faced with the challenge of the supply chain, they have to have the goods are sold out, the next half month, they have to face the problem of shortage.


crazy sales soared and later, Wu Ronghua and textiles have expected, they did not expect to singles promotion so sought after by consumers. From the supply chain to the goods, and then to customer service and logistics to face more than five times the pressure of the past.

in fact, as early as 2009, Taobao mall will have a "single day" promotion activities in the mall will receive Taobao in 2010 after notification of promotional activities held at the same time, Wu Ronghua is not in.