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shop treasure mom did not forget to make milk money Youdao Gu

Taobao is a year to open up, the specific time I have forgotten. I was in 2010 in the online Taobao store. At that time, the competition is not so fierce, the business is also very good. Although I am just a Taobao C shop, but every day there are about one hundred customers, the money is naturally higher than white-collar workers. In 2012, I have the yellow diamond shop. This time, I have to give up the yellow diamond shop, opened a Taobao virtual shop.

a lot of people I feel sorry for business, so long, why give up? I am also very reluctant, but for the sake of the baby belly, I resolutely abandoned the yellow diamond shop.

that year, I was pregnant. Do not have to work as Taobao as crowded as commuters, but need to purchase, and buyers chat and logistics, etc., and sometimes even deal with the problem of return. My shop is private, on my own care, sitting in front of the computer every day, every day to work late into the night, for the baby’s growth and development is very unfavorable. So for the baby’s health, I will give up the yellow diamond store, spent 300 yuan to buy a set of rack phone software, opened a virtual store.

online shops are not virtual? How is a virtual shop? I know a lot of people have this question, in fact, this is two different things. The virtual shop is mainly used to recharge, such as phone recharge, online recharge, recharge qq COINS, is a virtual shop main business, do not manage the purchase channels, do not worry about the problem and return logistics speed, and buyers communication etc.. We, as a virtual shop owner, just sit and wait for the buyer to do. Do not know can add my professional guidance novice shop, package teaching package.

opened a virtual shop, I do not have to sit in front of the computer every day, and customer chat, shipping, logistics and evaluation are automatically completed software. I don’t feel bored when I’m pregnant, and I can make money.

of course, at the beginning of the money did not have a lot of Taobao stores, I remember the first month before making more than one thousand yuan. After careful care and accumulated resources, four months later, the virtual shop on the right track. Every day many people recharge, one day earn hundred block no problem.

as a person, I have accumulated a lot of experience, there are good things to share with you, I am also very generous Oh!

first, how to choose the recharge software? Just started doing virtual shop, I also have this confusion. In the peer’s introduction, I chose the rack. Why is this problem? And recharge software is the same problem.

investment is small, is a prerequisite for the selection of software. Some prepaid software particularly expensive, a set of seven hundred or eight hundred yuan to buy down. Virtual shop is a simple investment, so much money