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a lot of people do, but there are few successful people. Looking at the success of the webmaster, without exception, is their website has a unique culture. May I write something you don’t have interest, can not flow, also did not say what promotion. But I think I must be a successful webmaster must have.

I remember in our Hebei webmaster communication group I asked? What is a webmaster need most?? flow? A website that I think is the most basic soul, a unique cultural site! A website if there is no soul, like a man without a soul, like a dead-alive person. The site, would not be angry, the site will be in a state of paralysis, and it is not conducive to the promotion of the website. The site must have a soul, will reflect the website’s brand value, will reflect the characteristics of enterprises, will be established in the enterprise network brand, is also a kind of corporate branding is a good way, therefore, the site must have a soul, will make the website to get into work, and make enterprise obtain value through the website.

Jiayuan owners Helen of Troy is a very wise man, even today, Jiayuan won the VC, flow and strength have reached the station level, she still retains the owner Helen of Troy Introduction (, and is placed in a very significant position to this point, let Jiayuan stark compared with other dating sites immediately. This is a kind of culture, which is the soul of Jiayuan.

many people do is quietly collection, flow, too little to calm down and think about, what are the characteristics of their website, but not to refine their site culture, in my opinion, this is one of the most important sites. Then a web culture is how to do? A website culture. Should reflect their place within the scope of the spirit of the times and geographical characteristics of the spirit, is characteristic of the different from other sites, is to unite the people and boost morale, boosting the power of justice. The soul must be a man of his own, and he must not be invited to be his own. Our own soul from the depths of the soul, must feel well watered, cultivate patience, hard hearted pruning, good temper, sincerely looking for, the hair on the heart, in the day, also said a simple and easy, also said the profound profound, not only obviously, and the mystery of mysteries. The site must have their own soul, otherwise it will obliterate all men.

maybe it’s no use writing these things, and I want you to calm down and think about it. I know the best about you.

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